REALITY BITES: broad city v. girls and other poems (issue #2)POSTED


REALITY BITES: issue 2 is coming, people! I need your submissions, your art and writing and images and words. Anything you want to submit on the subject of...

Broad City v. Girls

In honor of both of these shows' returns in February, I want to know why you love one more than the other, why you love both so much, any thoughts on what has made these two important but very different female-driven shows such cultural powerhouses. What I'm looking for is work written or created by you about, inspired by, reflecting on, serious, ridiculous, collaborations, or just any random thing about either or both of these shows. Poems, essays, sketches, images, etc. Write an ode to Shosh's best lines or do a sketch of Abbi's day out with Bingo Bronson.

Anything goes! Let's do this. #yaskween #girlshbo #broadcity #OMFingG #art #writing #asuhdude #realitybites #zine

Images in black&white. Writing 800 words or less.

Email your submissions (or questions/comments) to

Deadline: May 11th

Victoria Smith