REALITY BITES: guilty pleasures and other poems (issue #6)

GUYS! REALITY BITES ISSUE 6! The theme this time around is GUILTY PLEASURES. Now, as Tom Hiddleston said so well, "I never feel guilty about my pleasures," and I couldn't agree with that more. Whether it's a song, a book, a tv show, an Instagram account, a meme, a piece of art, a person, what is your thing that you love so much and don't care if people make fun of you for?

For me, it's listening to a lot of 90s pop music on Spotify, knowing my fiance is going to see my activity. Or binge-watching terribly amazing ABC Family shows (Greek/Pretty Little Liars/etc) because BF (Before Freeform) really was their golden-era. Or Britney Spears' Instagram. Or posting photos of Alan Alda on my own Instagram. Whateverit is, OWN IT!

I am SO excited to see how you rad and talented contributors interpret this one.

Get into it BBs!!


Images in black&white. Writing 800ish words or less.

Email your submissions (or questions/comments) to

Deadline: July 1st-ish

Victoria Smith