REALITY BITES: paul rudd and other poems (issue #1)


Now accepting submissions for the FIRST issue of REALITY BITESPAUL RUDD AND OTHER POEMS!

With this zine, I aim to feature new voices, new artists, and any unique ways of viewing the pop culture we're all constantly surrounded by. Plus, I know I write a lot of poetry referencing pop culture and was thinking, if you're anything like me, it's not always easy to find an outlet for that kind of writing.

The theme of this issue is, as you may have guessed, Paul Rudd. But don't let that keep you inside the box. I am looking for work of all shapes and sizes, poems (no more than 50 lines), flash fiction or short critical essays (no more than 800 words), and art (that can be photographed or scanned and sent). Maybe an erasure poem created from Rudd's Wikipedia page, a love story written entirely out his lines from Wet Hot American Summer, maybe a critique explaining why you don't get the appeal, or any piece of writing or art loosely based on something that reminds you of this cool dude actor. Or just submit something, anything, pop culturally-based. The sky's the limit!! 

Deadline for submission is MondaySunday, January 25th.

Send all submissions to

For more info, feel free to contact me! And if you have strong feelings about the themes of future issues, below are some that I've been toying with so include that with your submission!


Possible themes for future issues:

  • Ladies of the 90s (Winona, Brittany, Drew, Demi, Meg, Alicia, the list goes on)
  • Liz Lemon's love interests (there's almost too much to go off of here, from Dennis to Carol to Criss, all those beautiful goons)
  • David Bowie (a tribute to the strange and magical legend/icon/prince)
  • The Brat Pack (what kind of impact are they having on this generation? if any?)
  • Cast of The Birdcage (so many wonderful people and moments, going beyond stereotypes and giving mainstream depth and life to an important LGBT message)
  • Cast of Friends (maybe a bit cliche, but could be good)
  • Cast of Harriet the Spy (because we all need to read a love poem to the boy with the purple socks)
  • Cast of Clueless (would be totally buggin over this issue)
  • Matt and Ben (because they're Matt and Ben)
  • Celebrity couples that ended too soon (Ben and Jen? Brad and Jen? Winona and Johnny? Ryan and Rachel? Amy and Will? Too many to name here)
  • Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion (dream sequences and actual sequins and shoes filling up with blood, oh my!)
  • Broad City v. Girls (what has made these two important but very different female-driven shows such cultural powerhouses?)
  • Tina and Amy (kind of maybe just a BFF issue, we've all gotta show some literary and artistic love to our BFFs sometimes)
Victoria Smith