REALITY BITES: wet hot american poems (issue #5)


It's that time again, people. REALITY BITES ISSUE 5 IS COMING! Quit fondling your sweaters, step away from your game of Dungeons and Dragons, pick up the lunchroom tray you flung across the room and write or draw or whatever something about Wet Hot American Summer!

Whether you have stuck with it through every iteration (the original and First Day of Camp and Ten Years Later) or if you're a purist and have only seen the original movie or if you don't have Netflix and don't care about the later ones at all or haven't had a chance to see it or if you haven't seen any of them (although, in this case I don't know why you're here) send me your thoughts, your musings, your creations!

Just like it's fun to get away from camp, even for an hour, it's fun to escape into making a fun or funny or serious or ridiculous or sad thing to contribute to a zine!

So why don't I say January 25th as a deadline and then make it your beeswax to submit something by January 25th?  I mean we're all in our late-20s, I just don't see any reason why we can't submit things on time (but let's just be VERY real, like all submission deadlines, come January 25th, I will def extend it)

Get into it BBs!!


Images in black&white. Writing 800ish words or less.

Email your submissions (or questions/comments) to

Deadline: January 25th

Victoria Smith