Keep up-to-date on all of my projects! From zines and collages to embroidery and exhibitions, find all my most recent ideas and inspirations here.


PANTONE POSTCARD PROJECT - Making it more like it already is

My most recent explorations have been in stitching on paper, specifically this big ol’ box of Pantone postcards my mother-in-law gave me years and years ago. I did a handful of Zodiac inspired cards, but the rest I’m just playing, and expanding on the idea of “making them more like they already are” (a quote which originated from a friend drunkenly describing something none of us can remember).


POP omaha

POP omaha is a collaged poetry zine created specifically for the Omaha Creative Institute's 2018 Community Supported Art program. Community Supported Art, or CSArt, is a model of artistic production and distribution that supports artists in the creation of new work and helps them establish relationships with local collectors and patrons. Find the full zine by clicking below.

page 1.jpeg


realityBITES* is a submission-based zine, released several times each year. Each issue surrounds a different pop cultural figure or theme. While I format and collage the zine, the work is submitted by many talented writers, artists, and designers. The current issue, Guilty Pleasures and other poems, can be found by clicking the link below, and past issues can be found in our zine archive. If you are interested in submitting work, find more information about upcoming issues by visiting the "Call for Submissions" page!