oops, it's a blog

oops, it’s a blog

week 37 | lookout low by twin peaks

This week I’m hitting up a new fave from an old fave. Love these boys, love their vibes always, and while Pitchfork has deemed it their lowest reviewed album yet, I’m into it so far and it’s a jam. It’s a good time. But I might be biased. Plus it’s the first of their albums I feel comfortable putting on, in-full, at work! (Just don’t let the Spotify “Lookout Low” Radio Station start playing, you might start hearing songs like “Cool Slut” and “Sick Shit”).

week 36 | carrie & lowell by sufjan stevens

I watched Call Me By Your Name for the first time last night and (1) loved it, obviously, I knew I would and had just been putting off the inevitable. And (2) I realized Sufjan Stevens was a pretty significant blind-spot in my musical experience and that needed to be fixed immediately. So I went through Pitchfork reviews and picked out what they said was he best, which was Carrie & Lowell from 2015. It’s just plain soothing and simple and open and complex and fresh air. So far, not at all disappointed. Obsessed, possesed, blessed.

week 35 | Norman Fucking Rockwell by Lana del Rey

This week, we’re again staying in the 2019 zeitgeist with much anticipated (esp by meeee) fifth album from Lana del Rey, Norman Fucking Rockwell. And holy shit guys, it truly is not disappointing thus far. She’s weird and deep and solidifying herself as one of the best (and in the eyes of Pitchfork no less!).

My 2011 Tumblr-obsessed, Lana-based poetry writing heart is over the fucking moon <3

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ v stoked, v into it ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

week 33 | the roches by the roches

This week we are jumping back in time (I’ve done much too many modern albums in the past month+). And it is from a group, once again, brought to my attention by Griffin and Rachel McElroy on the Wonderful Podcast (those guys are just the best, huh?).

The Roches 1979 self-titled debut album. And man, so far what a delight. What a pleasant time I’ve had with these gals. Their voices are perfectly blended, their songs range from goofy and funny to more heartfelt and solemn. I’m digging it in a week where I need a little folksy calm.

week 32 | i,i by bon iver

This week, I’m diving into Bon Iver’s brand new fourth album, i,i, his most honest and forthright music yet, according to Pitchfork’s rave review. Others are calling it a “sonic masterpiece” and “objectively dazzling.”

I don’t have much else to say, but I’m excited. Justin Vernon pretty much never disappoints, so I have no doubt that this will result in the same.

week 31 | remember us to life by regina spektor

I love Regina Spektor. Begin to Hope brought life to my iPod headphones in high school. She was weird and cool and interesting and, soon, very mainstream (thanks a lot Grey’s Anatomy and (500) Days of Summer).

A while back, the podcast Wonderful inspired me to revisit Soviet Kitsch in full. She’s always been there in the background and hearing her voice takes me to so many places and spaces in my life.

Now I’m getting back to it with her most recent album from 2016. I’ve only gone once through so far, but feels just like her and I’m not mad at it.

Pitchfork review

week 30 | happiness begins by the jonas brothers

Well, thanks to Spotify reminding me that I will never escape my high school self’s musical obsessions, this week I’m jamming on the JoBros’ most recent reunion album.

So far, it’s fine. Pitchfork’s review is a perfect summation of the whole feeling. “Sucker” is a banger, “Cool” is fun and self-referential in a way I appreciate, there are some serious DNCE vibes coming through, and most of the rest of it is a little boring and derivative (I probably shouldn’t be thinking, "Sigrid’s ‘Strangers’ is better than this song with the same name”).

#boybandsforever #joeisstillhot #poorkevin

week 28 | when we fall asleep, where do we go by billie eilish

This week, I’m finally going to figure out who Billie Eilish is. I’ve heard some songs here and there, obviously seen her around the internet zeitgeist, but she is definitely one of those artists I feel a little “too old” for, for whatever reason.

She’s weird and dark and that’s all my jam, so I’m keeping an open mind.

Hurr we go.

week 27 | a bathfull of ecstasy by hot chip

After taking a week off (hey, I’ve done pretty dece this year, this was my first lil break!) the blog is back and, in the words of Pitchfork on Hot Chip songs, I am back on my “sleek, polished, unsubtle, a little ridiculous” bullshit.

This week’s album comes courtesy of my lifelong BFFF** Skylar. During her 4th of July weekend visit, she talked up Hot Chip and this album (and showed me this video starring our shared fave dude Martin Starr) and she sold me!

It’s really binge-listenable. Like, I drove to and spent a ton of time at the DMV a bunch and just played this forever and ever without really getting sick of it.

~**~**~**~**~Color me a rebirthed Hot Chip fan ~**~**~**~**~

**the extra F is intentional

week 25 | EPs by together PANGEA

We saw together PANGEA last night in Portland and they never cease to disappoint. One of the best acts in the garage punk game. They played all the hits and it was a rad time (we played and acoustic version of “Offer” at our wedding earlier this year, so I may be biased but they really do literally physically metaphorically rock). This week, I’m going to listen to their last several EPs…

Sleeping Til Sunset (Acoustic Versions):

Non Stop Paranoia:


I’m stoked (I have been into Dispassionate since it came out but I missed the others in the past year or so). Here we go.

week 24 | scenery by emily king

this week’s album is courtesy of a marlee grace (IG @personalpractice) dance video from may 31. I had never heard of this artist but it is, as pitchfork said, a “sleek, vibrant R&B that’s packed with 1980s soundtrack flourishes and big moments.”

I’m only a couple of songs in, but I’m 100% hooked.

~*~*~ a nice refresh reset for a full strawberry moon week when job-searching/self-searching/life-searching is getting me down and I need all the good vibes I can get. ~*~*~


week 23 | fictionist by fictionist

This week I’m throwing it back for myself by revisiting a band I was super into in high school. Back then, they were called Good Morning Maxfield and I first saw them in Glenwood Springs, CO at a tiny festival called Strawberry Days in 2008.

I was young and heady and my friend and I got to go to this show alone which we thought was so cool. We were riding high that night (not literally, we were 15-year-old goodie goodies) and decided we would talk to the band after the show (which was easy, backstage was next to a children’s play area). They were all so nice and indulged our teenage excitement (and what I’m sure was not us playing it cool as we thought we were). We bought their album, got it signed, and eventually added them on Facebook (ahhh to be in 2008 again). I kept in touch with a few of them for a couple of years, they changed their name to Fictionist in 2009, and competed for (but did not win) a chance to be on the cover of Rolling Stone in 2011.

I graduated from high school in 2010 and kept up with their music until around 2014 when I graduated from college. Since then, I have followed their goings on via Instagram, but haven’t made much of an effort to listen to their new stuff (though about 2 years ago I got a hankering for the old-school 2007 GMM tunes and, when I couldn’t find my original signed copy, bought what appeared to be one of the last copies on Amazon - it has lived in my car stereo ever since).

This week, we are listening to Fictionist by Fictionist and so far I’m very into it. Maybe it’s nostalgia talking, but I think they are just rad musicians doing what they do.

week 21 | van lear rose by loretta lynn

This week’s album is from an artist I knew/know almost nothing about. I found the song “Portland, Oregon” by accident earlier this week and was intrigued by the pairing of Jack White with this famed country singer (and let’s be honest, I was in a bit of a Dolly mood this week). And White produced this album too, so, I went for it.

I guess 2019 is a shift back into country music for me, because I am loving it!

week 20 | u.f.o.f. by big thief

This week we are swinging back to an indie rock vibe with Big Thief’s recent album U.F.O.F. It is exactly the slowed down head-space I need to get into to reset after a pretty nutso week (re:leaving Omaha, driving 25 hours solo, returning and settling back into Portland, family visiting time, etc.).

It’s dreamy surreal darkness is the misty overcast blanket my brain needs. I’m here for it.

week 19 | britney spears' discography

This week I am moving/driving to Portland, OR, which means I will have 25 very long and very free hours to listen to all the podcasts and music I can lay my ears on. That said, I have decided that my “album of the week” will actually be a “discography of the week”…

I am deep-diving into the full discography of the one and only Miss Diva Kween Britney Spears! Very excited for this week, as I’m obviously very familiar with the early albums and the big hits, but there are a lot of deep cuts that I know I have never heard. It’s gonna get weird. It’s gonna get emotional. It’s gonna get bitchy.

Let’s go.

week 18 | father of the bride by vampire weekend

Another very fresh album. Vampire Weekend released their fourth studio album last Friday, Father of the Bride. Over the last several months, they have been dropping singles here and there and so far I have enjoyed them.

There’s a lot of hate out there for these guys (or, rather, for the people who say they like them), but oh well! Let’s dive on in.

week 17 | turn on the bright lights by interpol

I’ve been on a real leading-ladies of music kick lately, so I wanted to switch it up the next few weeks before my big DIVA DEEP-DIVE I will be doing in a couple of weeks when I am driving across the country.

This was recommended to my by my husband, and it’s definitely an artist I haven’t spent much time with before. But so far I dig it! It’s slower and very mid-aughts. Les go.