oops, it's a blog

oops, it’s a blog

week 25 | EPs by together PANGEA

We saw together PANGEA last night in Portland and they never cease to disappoint. One of the best acts in the garage punk game. They played all the hits and it was a rad time (we played and acoustic version of “Offer” at our wedding earlier this year, so I may be biased but they really do literally physically metaphorically rock). This week, I’m going to listen to their last several EPs…

Sleeping Til Sunset (Acoustic Versions):

Non Stop Paranoia:


I’m stoked (I have been into Dispassionate since it came out but I missed the others in the past year or so). Here we go.

week 24 | scenery by emily king

this week’s album is courtesy of a marlee grace (IG @personalpractice) dance video from may 31. I had never heard of this artist but it is, as pitchfork said, a “sleek, vibrant R&B that’s packed with 1980s soundtrack flourishes and big moments.”

I’m only a couple of songs in, but I’m 100% hooked.

~*~*~ a nice refresh reset for a full strawberry moon week when job-searching/self-searching/life-searching is getting me down and I need all the good vibes I can get. ~*~*~


week 23 | fictionist by fictionist

This week I’m throwing it back for myself by revisiting a band I was super into in high school. Back then, they were called Good Morning Maxfield and I first saw them in Glenwood Springs, CO at a tiny festival called Strawberry Days in 2008.

I was young and heady and my friend and I got to go to this show alone which we thought was so cool. We were riding high that night (not literally, we were 15-year-old goodie goodies) and decided we would talk to the band after the show (which was easy, backstage was next to a children’s play area). They were all so nice and indulged our teenage excitement (and what I’m sure was not us playing it cool as we thought we were). We bought their album, got it signed, and eventually added them on Facebook (ahhh to be in 2008 again). I kept in touch with a few of them for a couple of years, they changed their name to Fictionist in 2009, and competed for (but did not win) a chance to be on the cover of Rolling Stone in 2011.

I graduated from high school in 2010 and kept up with their music until around 2014 when I graduated from college. Since then, I have followed their goings on via Instagram, but haven’t made much of an effort to listen to their new stuff (though about 2 years ago I got a hankering for the old-school 2007 GMM tunes and, when I couldn’t find my original signed copy, bought what appeared to be one of the last copies on Amazon - it has lived in my car stereo ever since).

This week, we are listening to Fictionist by Fictionist and so far I’m very into it. Maybe it’s nostalgia talking, but I think they are just rad musicians doing what they do.

week 21 | van lear rose by loretta lynn

This week’s album is from an artist I knew/know almost nothing about. I found the song “Portland, Oregon” by accident earlier this week and was intrigued by the pairing of Jack White with this famed country singer (and let’s be honest, I was in a bit of a Dolly mood this week). And White produced this album too, so, I went for it.

I guess 2019 is a shift back into country music for me, because I am loving it!

week 20 | u.f.o.f. by big thief

This week we are swinging back to an indie rock vibe with Big Thief’s recent album U.F.O.F. It is exactly the slowed down head-space I need to get into to reset after a pretty nutso week (re:leaving Omaha, driving 25 hours solo, returning and settling back into Portland, family visiting time, etc.).

It’s dreamy surreal darkness is the misty overcast blanket my brain needs. I’m here for it.

week 19 | britney spears' discography

This week I am moving/driving to Portland, OR, which means I will have 25 very long and very free hours to listen to all the podcasts and music I can lay my ears on. That said, I have decided that my “album of the week” will actually be a “discography of the week”…

I am deep-diving into the full discography of the one and only Miss Diva Kween Britney Spears! Very excited for this week, as I’m obviously very familiar with the early albums and the big hits, but there are a lot of deep cuts that I know I have never heard. It’s gonna get weird. It’s gonna get emotional. It’s gonna get bitchy.

Let’s go.

week 18 | father of the bride by vampire weekend

Another very fresh album. Vampire Weekend released their fourth studio album last Friday, Father of the Bride. Over the last several months, they have been dropping singles here and there and so far I have enjoyed them.

There’s a lot of hate out there for these guys (or, rather, for the people who say they like them), but oh well! Let’s dive on in.

week 17 | turn on the bright lights by interpol

I’ve been on a real leading-ladies of music kick lately, so I wanted to switch it up the next few weeks before my big DIVA DEEP-DIVE I will be doing in a couple of weeks when I am driving across the country.

This was recommended to my by my husband, and it’s definitely an artist I haven’t spent much time with before. But so far I dig it! It’s slower and very mid-aughts. Les go.

week 16 | cuz i love you by lizzo

This week, I am on my shit and doing an album that literally just came out last Friday. Cuz I Love You is rapper-singer-flautist Lizzo’s third album, and first album on a major label. I’ve loved Lizzo for a few years now (her Insta is my favorite thing, should be required following).

Singles “Juice” and “Tempo” have been out for several months and are already go-to pump-up/feeling-myself jams for any occasion. But I’m excited to deep dive into the rest and have a powerful week of Lizzo love and energy. * <3 ~ * <3 * ~ <3 *

week 15 | golden hour by kacey musgraves

This week, I’m taking a sharp turn from 90s girl grunge to a modern revelation where the “charmingly simple” meets the “lightly psychedelic” country of Kacey Musgraves. Hers is a name that I had disregarded as just another country singer until last fall when a friend I regard as very hip and cool came to stay with me and to my surprise said she is his current favorite artist. And then Stereogum named this the best album of 2018. And then Pitchfork named it the second best album of 2018. And then this past weekend she flipped everyone off at Coachella and I finally had to cave and listen because I’d been denying the universe too long.

I love this album. I’m late to the party and I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but I love it. She’s rad and made me cry and I’m obsessed.

That is all.

week 14 | dig me out by sleater-kinney

I’ve dabbled with Sleater-Kinney’s back-catalog here and there, but have never taken the leap. First and foremost, I fucking love Carrie Brownstein. She is my indie queen and even though I read her book, I have more history on the band than knowledge of their music.

Second, we are moving back to Portland in about a month and to get me back in that Pacific Northwest grungy, punky headspace, I’m listening to the band’s third album from 1997, Dig Me Out.

I’m stoked and anyways, yass….here I go.

week 13 | penny and the quarters ep

It’s wedding week, so I’m going to be a little bit lazy here.

We are walking down the aisle to “You and Me” by Penny and the Quarters, so I have been listening to their tiny but powerful collection of recordings. There are three on Spotify, and the link here leads to a YouTube video compiling several.

Love this song, love this group, it’s as simple as that!

week 11 | Cupid Deluxe by Blood Orange

I have landed on Blood Orange for week 11 via last week’s episode of the podcast Punch Up The Jam. I’ve loved Demi since Gilmore Guys and he is wildly funny and grossly talented. I only learned of Miel through this podcast but she is also wildly talented and grossly funny. Go read about the podcast, I’m not here to explain everything to you all!

At the end of each episode Demi, Miel, and their guest suggest and “unpunchable jam,” essentially a perfect song they love. This week, their guest, Edgar Momplaisir’s unpunchable jam was “Holy Will” by Blood Orange. So I was like, oh I know Blood Orange but let’s deep dive this shit.

I went through each of the four albums’ ratings on Pitchfork and picked Cupid Deluxe because it had the second highest score (8.5) and I have seen this album cover before I like being comfy cozy in that familiarity.

So, here we go ppl.


week 9 | Highway Hypnosis by Sneaks

This week I’m listening to Highway Hypnosis by Sneaks. I came to her music this week when my fiance turned on the speakers in our house, walked halfway up the stairs, pushed play on the song “Look Like That” and robot danced down the stairs and around the room. This went on for most of the song as I sat awestruck on the couch.

But it was really cool music! So I am deep-diving into her most recent album (and she will probably make another appearance on this list sometime this year).

Here. We. Go.

week 6 | In My Tribe by 10,000 Maniacs

Last week, while listening to a podcast (I now forget which one because 85% of my time is spent listening to podcasts and a lot of them have the same people on them and my brain doesn’t know how to remember everything, ok?), I found out that Natalie Merchant (who I adore) is in 10,000 Maniacs.

I don’t know how I didn’t know this. It seems so incredibly obvious now. Every time I heard a 10,000 Maniacs song, I wouldn’t know it was them but I took noticed and looked it up and was like, “Hey, cool, maybe I would like 10,000 Maniacs.” And then I would carry on with my life and forget that this had ever happened.

Well, now I’m doing myself a goddamn favor and listening to what (5 min of internet research told me) is their best album, In My Tribe from 1987. They have a shit ton of albums, so I anticipate this isn’t the last time we see them in this series.

Here. We. Go.

PS so far, there is a song on this album called “My Sister Rose,” about her sister Rose’s wedding and it is fucking fantastic. Really kitschy and odd and I love it.